19 Aug 2014
Isaac Mann studies trumpet, piano and composition with Brooklyn Music Lessons

Perhaps the greatest wish of any teacher is that their students will develop the means to reach their greatest potential.

When I first started to work with Isaac Mann some 5 years ago I was very impressed by his innate musicality which came shining though his ability to sing the melodies of Jazz standards with a vocal timbre that brought to mind Frank Sinatra. Despite this innate musical sense, Isaac had significant technical limitations on the trumpet that were holding him back. Isaac's dedication and determination in combination with a structured practice method allowed him to make significant gains on the instrument freeing his expressive range far beyond his initial technical limitations.

With all his progress over the years, the real testament to this progress on the trumpet, both on a technical and musical level, came from his acceptance to SUNY Purchase where he will be able to pursue a BFA in Jazz performance.

At BML we're really proud of Isaac's achievements and wish him success in his continued studies. Below Isaac tells his story in his own words. 

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