I am a classically trained cellist who is interested in finding out why jazz sounds like jazz; specifically working from a guitar perspective. Thanks to BML, I was introduced to a teacher whose unique approach towards learning jazz has greatly influenced all of my own music making. Coming from a conservatory background it has been great being able to connect all of the dots so to speak with someone who spends a great deal of time practicing what they preach. A great experience all around with Brooklyn Music Lessons.

- Ian Flatt

The first criterion in anyone’s mind, when looking for an instructor, is technical prowess. Yet most people neglect the fact that all the skill and knowledge in the world comes to nothing without the ability to convey it. My teacher, apart from being exceptionally versed in the vocal arts, is such a flexible and adaptive communicator that she could teach tone-deaf 2 year olds to sing operatically. Emphatic testimony aside, she’s fun, lively and easy going; a grade A+ instructor!

- Ilya Chernyatyev

I started with BML after hitting a plateau in my learning that I couldn't get past. My teacher was very quick in identifying what was holding me back and I feel like I'm back on track, learning again and enjoying a renewed sense of accomplishment with my guitar. My teacher is at once down to earth and philosophical in the way he teaches, he's great help on the practicalities of learning to play as well as on the intangibles - in my case helping me to plug back into my original motivation for learning guitar, and using that to direct my daily practice as well as the type of music I'm pursuing. I highly recommend Brooklyn Music Lessons!

- Andy Stone

I've been looking for a piano teacher for my seven year old daughter for months. I found Brooklyn Music Lessons online and signed up for a meet and greet with Caitlin Gray. It was the perfect match and she loves her instructor. The process of signing up, meeting the instructor and buying lesson time online is easy and efficient. The instructor is professional, and very cool. We are very happy. I highly recommend finding instructors and taking lessons through Brooklyn Music Lessons!

- Tara Sansone

I decided to take guitar lessons on a whim, because I thought it would be something I’d enjoy. My teacher didn’t make me just enjoy it; he has helped me, and continues to help me, understand and feel the music. He is an amazingly talented teacher and I love every lesson I have with him! I have a much better appreciation and understanding of the music we learn. He’s super patient and leaves me feeling more and more confident after each lesson.

- Ahuva Ruvel

Brooklyn Music Lesson's strengths are its community. I think it really represents the kind of diversity in skills and styles that makes Brooklyn a vibrant and exciting place to be a musician. I found my guitar teacher on BML. I read his bio and his blog entry on the site, followed links to his own website, and heard his music. With that kind of access, I knew that my teacher had the skills and the outlook that I needed to get learning right away. I also like that the lesson packages are standardized because it lets me focus on finding the right teacher for me without worrying about comparing rates. The lesson packages are, hands down, a good value.

- Marcos Sanchez

I've taken both guitar lessons and voice lessons from with Brooklyn Music Lessons, and when I pick up the piano I intend to stay with BML. In short, taking lessons with BML has made music fun and satisfying, and also made me feel like nothing is out of reach.

- Reed Loar

Dear BML, thank you for going above and beyond the call of duty to find my guitar teacher. I love that your system looks at many things to determine the best match. And Bryan: thank you for the personalized attention, it was nice to feel that you were just as committed to finding me a teacher as I was!

- Sylvana Rochet-Belleri

I wanted to learn how to play gypsy-style viola, and I knew someone in this vast city must have this kind of expertise, but where to start? I had cold-contacted a few people in the field but had no responses. So I came to Brooklyn Music Lessons. Bryan connected me with Emma Sky, a violin and viola teacher with a wide range of teaching interests and expertise. Emma has a unique style of teaching that incorporates the mechanics and philosophy of yoga into string practice. She is highly motivated to work with students on developing a strong foundation both technically and artistically from which to grow as a musician.

- Sherri Liberman

I sought out Brooklyn Music Lessons to learn the basics, however, my teacher's musical knowledge and ability to teach allowed me to delve deeper into music than I ever would have imagined. While teaching me strategy and techniques through a customized lesson plan based on my favorite music, he effortlessly instilled a deep understanding of music theory. Not only is he one of the most skilled guitarists I know, his patience and ability to teach music well make him an ideal teacher. He's also super cool and was good with my dog. Thanks BML!

- James Hagen

My daughter has been taking piano with JP Gilbert for around 15 months and we could not be happier. She is always motivated to practice and have a lesson with JP. They have a lovely teacher-student relationship--she enjoys his company, his manner, and the music and lessons he selects. He often writes versions of songs in order to emphasize what my daughter needs to practice at a given time--and they are always delightful to hear and interesting for her to practice. We started with 30-minute lessons one time a week and now have two 60-minute lessons per week. I did this because I could see how the confidence, motivation, and focus she was getting from piano was impacting other areas of her life--at home and at school. I might not be able to do this forever, so I grabbed the opportunity when I saw it!

I also was very impressed by BML when I first contacted them. Bryan responded to my online questionnaire immediately--we had a lesson set up for the following week! I also like how BML handles the "transactions" so that the music teachers don't have to. BML ultimately respects its teachers and its customers. It provides a great service to Brooklyn by making music education quick and easy to navigate.

- Nanette Giles

BML is great! Last year, I decided on a whim that I wanted to learn how to play the guitar (and given my past track record this whim could have easily resulted in me losing interest very quickly). But I found an instructor who not only sustained my interest but has expanded it as well. My teacher is very attentive, and it is obvious he is passionate about music and teaching it. He has such a broad knowledge base. He is technically advanced and an inspired musician and easily inspires his students as well. I have learned so much from him, the process has been fun and enjoyable, and I always look forward to my next lesson!

- Wendy Phillips

In the past, my attempts to learn different music disciplines had always been thwarted by the self-sabotage of perfectionism. I went to NYC public schools in the 1970s and early 1980s with no music programs. I always felt it was too late for me to learn an instrument as an adult until I found BML. My teacher's empathetic approach to music instruction has kept me at ease enough to continue with consistency and, as corny as it sounds, with joy.

- Matthew Waldman, Nooka Inc.

I loved my experience with Brooklyn Music Lessons! Living in New York, I found it so difficult to find the type of teacher I was looking for who had a schedule that could fit with mine. BML took care of everything (flexible scheduling, follow up, quick to respond, etc.) in the most efficient and friendly way possible. My dumbek teacher, Kevin Sport, was extremely knowledgeable yet explained the techniques to me in the simplest way (as a mega beginner, it was necessary). So thankful for BML!

- Madeline Giles

I've dabbled in learning music software (Ableton Live) and music theory for years, but I decided to get a little more serious and structured last year. BML was perfect for my needs -- I was matched up with a teacher who understood what I wanted to learn. My lessons are structured but loose, which means I can spend my hour and a half learning theory, recreating a synth sound, or working on drum patterns. It's sort of funny telling people I take music lessons but I'm not learning an instrument; but BML is cool like that.

- Jessica Suarez
From our blog
21 Apr 2014

Tomorrow marks the release of FRACT, a musical exploration video game where you discover the secrets of an abandoned world that was once built on sound. This TRON-inspired video game cleverly teaches you how to play a synthesizer through the solving of musical puzzles. As you progress through the game, you end up building your own electronic music studio which allows you to create, export and share your own tracks.

The game’s score has a warm and fuzzy, very analog sound thanks to Mogi Grumbles. Last week I sat down for a Google Hangout with Mogi, known off the grid as Alex Taam, to talk about his experience scoring FRACT. Seated at what looked like the helm of a spaceship if spaceships were made of vintage synthesizers, Alex first told me how he had gotten the gig. “I was just doing what I love”, he said. The game’s developers had heard his TRON soundtrack remake (in 2011, Mogi Grumbles released for free ‘End of Line’ a modern re-visioning of the score to the original TRON movie) which he had done just for the fun of it, and so they contacted him.

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